Our Process

We want to get to know you! After all, that is part of building a strong relationship. We want to celebrate many “anniversaries” with you! And because we are perfectionists at heart, we want to deliver results that put a twinkle in your eyes and get your home sparkling clean.

So our process begins with an initial meeting at your home where we do the following:

  • Find out what, exactly, you want cleaned.
  • Assess the condition of your home to determine the extent of work.
  • Obtain any special instructions from you.
  • Offer you a proposal based on everything we have learned.

Then it comes time for us to clean your home from top to bottom:

  • Dust around furniture and doors, floors and ceiling fans.
  • Vacuum all carpets and under furniture if the carpet is accessible.
  • Wash hardwood, vinyl and tile floors.
  • In the bathroom, we scrub toilets and showers, wipe down toilets from the top of the tank to the base, clean mirrors, wipe off counters, polish faucets, dust cabinets and vanities and wash floors.
  •  In the kitchen, we scrub cooktops, clean sinks, clean ovens (when requested), wipe down the outside of appliances, wipe down the exterior of cupboards and cabinets and wash floors.

The result? A home that feels brand new. You may just wonder how you managed before we came along!

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