About Us

Bo Biesiadecki  founded Maid Day Services in 1996, but her house cleaning experience dates back to 1989, when she started cleaning new construction houses in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Bo moved her services to the Sycamore area in 1994 and hired her first employee in 1996.

The Maid Day Services staff is detail minded and thorough with their work. In fact, the company’s motto is, “If you see it, do it.” Each staff member strives to delight clients with sparkle and shine regardless of project type, size or difficulty level.

Bo Biesiadecki is always flexible with both her clients and employees. This practice has allowed Maid Day Services to build a robust, satisfied client base and keep the employee turnover rate low.

When you hire Maid Day Services, you work with a staff that recognizes and appreciates the value of exemplary work and the importance of excellent customer service. The result? Cleaning magic!

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